Welcome to Cookware, the great kitchen cookware based site that is perfect for all your needs. I'm Dr Johnathan Cook and since I do all the cooking around here, I guess I'm pretty well qualified to share what I know with you all.

For me, I don't like to describe what I'm doing as "working" in the kitchen. I prefer to call it "playing" and maybe "enjoyably creating."

Meal Playtime

By the very fact that you have found me here, I have to assume that preparing food and cooking meals for yourself and your family is something you do often and also get plenty of enjoyment doing. It would then naturally follow that you probably spend a lot of your time in the kitchen.

kitchen cookwareWhen preparing or cooking food, you'll be busy making good use of the many cooking utensils and items that you've accumulated over your life. If your cookware is of high quality, then you're doubtless pretty content with what you have to work with in there.

It's a well known fact that when you use quality tools, you'll do a better job. You'll take more pride and get more enjoyment from doing it.

Well Stocked

Most professional cooks have the luxury of a great kitchen stocked with quality cookware, and with good reason. Good quality cooking and food prep tools makes the task of preparing and cooking food so much easier for many reasons.

For instance, pots and pans that are truly nonstick or that prevent food from burning due to heavy, heat dissipating bases are a joy to use. They're also a lot easier to clean afterwards!

Washing up is a chore that most cooks dislike doing. If that's something you have to do, you might as well do it with good quality, easy to clean cookware. No one enjoys standing there scrubbing at a pot caked in burned on food for ages!

Even if you already have a well stocked kitchen with good quality accouterments, if you're anything like me, you're always on the lookout for a new addition to the collection. That great new stainless steel collection, or a new cast iron frying pan, a new set of super sharp cooks knives, or just a new potato peeler!

They're all fair game and a kitchen is never complete as old equipment wears out and must be replaced, or a new gadget appears on the market and you have the perfect place for it already allocated!

Well, that's one of the main reasons for the creation of this website!

As well as providing you with a great selection of informative and entertaining articles covering kitchen exploits and cookery tips as well as putting up several professional online store pages where you can buy the next addition to your cooking collection online. There's plenty of high quality cookware and pretty much everything you'll need for the special place where you create your meals, all designed to make your life easier!

So whenever you are in the neighborhood, drop in on us and see how I can lighten the load in your kitchen!