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Which is the Best Toaster to Buy in 2022?

With so many different toasters on the market, why would you buy this or that one from an online store in 2022, when some can cost more or less than the rest?

Quality is your answer and it's the grade of quality that makes for a long lasting and reliable kitchen appliance that you can depend on to produce perfect breakfasts time and time again!

Just about everyone loves toast! That's no idle claim either as you'll generally find that of all the quick and easy to make snacks that there are, toasted bread with butter melted on top is one of the best there is!

But you can't make toast unless you have the right equipment. OK, probably the nicest way to make toast is by sitting around an open fire on a cold winter evening with a long toasting fork and a slice of bread skewered to it as you hold it up to the flames and toast the bead the natural way.

But we don't all have open fires and it's not always winter, thank heaven!

So for convenience, the electric toaster takes up the space left by the absence of said open fire on a winters night. It's the right cookware tool that turns the process of creating two or more slices of toasted bread into simplicity itself!

So this article is dedicated to one of my own favorite snacks. That is toasted wholewheat bread with more butter than is good for me melted on top and maybe a slice of equally unhealthy full fat cheese on top of that.


Dualit Toasters

Of all the electric toasters that are out there in electrical stores or sitting on virtual shelves in online stores, one of the more popular brands are the Dualit toasters and it's these in particular that I want to focus this page on in more detail.

Why have I chosen Dualit toasters instead of some other brand? Well, I have one of them myself and I rather like the contraption! I went overboard and got a commercial size model, because it's useful to have around when the kids come calling with the grand-kids and everyone suddenly wants toast!

What model is that? Well, I have the Dualit 40415 toaster. It's hand assembled in England (but runs on 120 volts AC for the US) and what I like about it is it's built to last! It has an insulated stainless-steel body for starters and it's a heavy beast weighing in at 9lbs.

But for that it's capable of churning out 130 slices an hour, which is actually a little more than my family can eat their way through on a good day!

It can make 4 slices at a time, but I can set it to do less when it's only me having a 2am snack when I can't sleep! It can cope with extra wide slices of bread, which is good for me as I don't like the ready sliced, regular packaged white loaf that most housewives buy their family.

I like to get my bread fresh from the local bakers and cut it up myself, so they come up pretty thick. I have the sandwich cage that came as an extra, which is great for toasting sandwiches and it'll even do bagels if that's your bag!

I like that I can control the browning accurately and if I don't want the finished toast to pop up right away, I can set it so it keeps the slices in there and warm if I have to leave it for an extra minute or two. The Dualit 40415 comes with a patented design that is supposed to increase toasting efficiency and element longevity.

Well, that's my baby and I like it a lot, which is why I decided to write about it here.

Other Toasters from Dualit

There are of course many models in the Dualit toaster range and they start pretty small as two slice models with a whole domestic range that gets bigger and better right up to the commercial toasters like I got.

You can check out their full range at their own website at dualit.com and see everything from bun toasters that can handle up to six buns, a truly British Marmite toaster, combi toasters that'll make both toast and toasted sandwiches, dedicated sandwich toasters and a whole load more besides.

What About the Toast Itself?

So if toast is what you love to eat and I'm sure most of you are included in that, then what about some topping ideas for some really great toast, or toasted sandwiches? Well, here are some of my favorites and see if you agree with me that they are just incredible and can almost be a meal in themselves.

OK, the regular toast, butter and cheese topped toast is pretty standard fare for many people, but what about adding to the cheese? Honey roast ham is a great compliment to a good mature cheese and some slices of tomato, cucumber and a little dill pickle is a real hunger buster!

When I visited Australia on a number of occasions, they have something called Vegemite. Now, it looks like black molasses, but it ain't sweet! It's a yeast extract that has a sort of beefy, savory taste that is really something else and I soon came to love it! It's actually meat-free and good for vegetarians too. If you ever see the black and yellow jar, grab some, cause you're gonna love it too!

Peanut butter always tastes good on toast and my kids like to mix it with jelly but I can't quite see myself going that far!

For the sweet toothed amongst you, OK me too, try some liquid honey, or maple syrup (blueberry flavor is my favorite). When I was in England, I tried some strawberry conserve and and it is heavenly. If you can get hold of some, you'll never look at regular strawberry jelly quite the same way.

OK, that's enough of my ramblings about what to put on toast. Now I've gotta go make some cause I can't stop thinking about it...