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Why To Choose A BPA Free Bowl For Your Cooking?

When you are preparing food, you always need a bowl. No matter what you are doing there is a 90% chance that you are going to mix some ingredients, or do some kind of a batter or sauce in it.

Quite often we like to prepare foods in advance and store them in the fridge until they are needed. If you like to host parties or dinners, you probably know what I am talking about here. The obvious solution is to get a bowl with a lid that you store in the fridge with the foods inside.

In both these cases, I would recommend you to look in to BPA free bowls with lids for this purpose. Why is that? Let’s get a little bit deeper in to the issue:

The Dangers

If you haven’t already heard, BPA (bisphenol A) can potentially be really dangerous. It is an industrial chemical which is used in some plastic such as polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins to make it harder, hardy and last longer.

Unfortunately there are studies into the safety issues surrounding its use going all the way back from the 1960’s. many of these studies have pointed toward the direction that ingesting even small amounts of this chemical can lead to a lot of health problems.

For instance, if you read the studies and look at the increases in cancer rates, you might come to the conclusion that it could solely be behind the increase in cancer in humans. Infertility is another issue that has been shown to increase with a regular BPA intake.

And since the use of plastic has been in a constant increase, is it a coincidence that infertility is an increasing problem?

Is It Safe in the Kitchen?

When you use a plastic bowl in cooking, you are usually using a plastic kitchen tool to whisk food in the bowl. You might even use a metallic one which only increases the risks in this case. Why?

Well when you are mixing up something you are scratching the side of the bowl in which you are doing this. So basically you are taking off small bits of the plastic and mixing them up with the food.

Use Glass: Pyrex is a Must!

That is why I would recommend you to use glass bowls, or if you must have plastic, get ones that are free of this additive for your cooking. That’s just to be on the safe side with things!

You can buy some really good Pyrex mixing bowls from Amazon at a really good price right now. Take a look at the image to the right and if they look like exactly what you’re looking for, click the image to get all the details and current discount price from the official Amazon page:

The set comprises 1 qt, 1-1/2 qt and 2-1/2 qt clear bowls that are made of non-porous glass that won’t absorb stains or food odors. They are fully see-through for easy monitoring.

The glass is completely safe for use in pre-heated ovens; microwaves; fridges and freezers as well as being dishwasher safe too. They’re a great investment at such a low price every kitchen should have them!

On the top of the safety angle, glass and stainless steel containers last longer. So even if they might be a bit more expensive when you purchase them, you are saving money in long term as you don’t have to purchase new ones.

You can read more about this chemical here in this NY Times article that goes into some depth on the subject.

The Lighter Side of Cooking and Kitchen Cookware

Here we are once more at Cookware, where I enjoy taking a sideways glance at the whole kitchen thing and also poke a little fun at the seriousness of it sometimes too. Well, if you can’t enjoy what you do in the kitchen, then you shouldn’t be in there! This post looks at the lighter side of cooking, complete with all the many items of cookware that go with it.

Kitchen cookware has an appealing side and it has a serious side. Too little too late, but it also has a funny side which too many cooks don’t see all the time. It is recommended to follow both at the same time. A good chef does not need help in their chosen domain when they’re only cooking for a few people, but when running a full scale restaurant, things can be very different.

Chef is Not an Island

So let’s take a look at a story I heard from a friend about this chef who was running a smallish restaurant with around 30 covers. He had a kitchen staff of 4 to do all the hard work while he strode around like a king barking out orders and generally making a pain of himself.

The four cooks in that kitchen worked very hard night after night without complaining but never feeling very comfortable with Attila the Hun (as they nicknamed him) constantly picking on them and finding fault wherever possible. He made them work long hours under a lot of pressure and never appeared to appreciate their value as loyal and hard working employees.

The question you may be considering here is why would good workers like these four cooks stick around for so long with a boss who was so strict and bossy? They put up with his nit-picking and authoritarian approach to work because he was a highly qualified and experienced chef who also taught them a lot.

Sure, all four of them knew they would not remain underlings for too long. Because the experience and skills they were learning from a master would certainly place them in the front running when any really good job came up that would mean more responsibility and better pay and working conditions.

They saw this ordeal as a stepping stone to eventual success for themselves. Sometimes you just have to make some sacrifices if you want to get ahead in life and nowhere is that more evident than in a busy and high pressure commercial kitchen situation.

Getting the Most from Your Cooking Hardware

I’ve been committed to producing great meals in my own kitchen using the core items of cookware that I’ve owned for many years. This will give you the info that you need to make the most of your own hardware and if it’s not up to scratch then to go out and buy some decent quality pots and pans that will last you a lifetime and provide great service to you daily.

I opted for quality stainless steel hardware that were expensive to buy but have proved their worth by having already lasted over 20 years. And thanks to my own appreciation of the quality of these pieces, I have made sure I looked after them well so they look as good as they day I bought them.

Variety is the spice of life, so spice up yours and surprise everyone with a big smile from time to time! I’ve been over a few of the most effective ways to use kitchen cookware in previous articles, but for this one, looking at the lighter side of cooking makes it more bearable in the end.

I’m looking for able minded people who can also see it. It makes the time spent in the kitchen so much more fulfilling, after all. See you later!

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