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Best Digital Kitchen Scales for 2015

Would you like to know which are the best digital kitchen scales you can buy this year? I review the highest rated, affordable models for 2015 on sale right now in this article.

But first of all, why do you want a digital scale? Would a regular means of weighing your food ingredients not be sufficient for your needs? Let’s take a look at what you’re really looking for and whether this type of device is really what you want or need!

Weighing Up a Meal’s Ingredients

We all have our own ways of preparing meals and special dishes. At one end of the scale, there are those of us who follow recipes to the letter, while at the other end, there are those that like to leave things to chance and see what comes out of guessing the amounts.

In-between these two extremes are everyone else and we either need to be accurate in our measuring and weighing or we don’t. But for those of us that do, a good quality means of accurately making those measurements is an essential item of equipment for our kitchens.

Getting the proportions exactly right insures a perfect result and a pat on the back when you dish up a veritable masterpiece at the dinner table!

So if accuracy and exactness in proportionality is your hook in the place you like to cook, then a really good set of scales and measuring cups is usually enough. So why do people want digital scales?

The Digital Age in Meal Preparation

The main attraction of the latest collection of digital scales is that they go beyond merely weighing and accurately displaying the ingredients for your next creation. They also provide you with a whole swathe of nutritional information that can prove really useful if you’re concerned more with what is going into the food you are producing.

This is especially useful for people on special diets where it’s important to know what the nutritional value of each item of food is providing you with. As well as this, it really helps in getting the proportions of carbohydrates, protein and fats right for a balanced and healthy diet.

How Do Nutrition Scales Work?

They work in a pretty simple way, actually. By having a database of food items and their nutritional information stored in their memory, they already have all the information you will need.

All you do is place a portion of food on the weighing plate, then punch in the code number for that item of food (a printed list is supplied with the device). The device will display information like protein, carb and fat levels along with the amount of sodium, sugar and other constituents present per portion that is being weighed at the time.

So if you wanted to know what the makeup of a few slices of zucchini were, simply place them on the weigh plate and punch in the code for zucchini and the display will show you exactly what it contains as well as what it weighs. How great is that!

Which are the Best Models of Digital Nutrition Scales Right Now?

If you’re not so interested in the nutritional value of the food that you intend weighing, then regular digital scales are now highly popular. They are small, lightweight and portable making them invaluable as a tool for the kitchen as well as to take out of the house with you for whatever you need them for.

Currently, there are a few models that really stand out from the crowd in this area of culinary measuring devices. Taking a cross section from several retailers and factoring in their own customer reviews and recommendations, I’ve come up with a short list that might be just what you’re looking for.

  • Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale

    This compact but powerful scale is currently a top seller at Amazon in the kitchen section of “scales and balances” and has over 400 positive reviews with an overall 4+ star rating. The device is portable and small enough to take with you wherever you go.

    It is super accurate and can weight all kinds of things as well as food ingredients, such as jewelry, mail, medicines and anything you need to know the exact and accurate weight of.

    The price will surprise you too, as it is very inexpensive to buy. You’ll be amazed at the great value this little gadget provides for you for a whole range of weight measurements that you need to have fast and impeccably accurate!

    Take a closer look at this item by clicking the image above for details.

  • EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

    Here is another major seller at Amazon and with over 7,000 customer reviews (6,000+ 5 stars), you will be in good company if you choose to buy this digital scale as lots of people are using it and loving it!

    It provides incredibly accurate weight readings from a wide range of items, not just food, making it the perfect multifunction home kitchen scale for cooks, dieters and anyone who needs accurate weight information. And it’s small enough to be portable while being lightweight and battery powered so you can take it anywhere with you.

    Take a better look at this highly attractive item by clicking its image above for more details.

  • Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

    What you get in this small but powerful package is a smart scale that combines the latest advanced touch sensitive buttons, black tempered glass surface and GFX sensors. This device from Ozeri is one of the culinary industry’s most advanced scales and a hot seller on Amazon.

    Currently with well over 900 customer reviews (600+ with 5 stars), there are a lot of people who have bought this and love it!

    This product is designed for the culinary perfectionist. A person who desires deadly accurate readings with a showpiece design that will look stunning in any kitchen.

    This product is one of the lightest weight kitchen scales available on the market. It offers easy portability being battery powered and compact design.

    It features an automatic “Tare” button, which enables you to quickly calculate the net weight of your ingredients. It does this by subtracting the weight of the container whether it is a bowl, a tray, plate or whatever.

    Take a look at this must have item by clicking your mouse on the image above to see more details.

This is just a small selection of what is available and represents some of the best and top rated models that are currently on sale. If you want to know more about the nutritional digital devices, please read my separate article on them here: where I include some examples of the top rated models currently available.

Best Compact Appliances for Small Kitchens

If you live in an apartment or townhouse and only have a small kitchen, you need compact appliances to save space. So which are the best kinds to buy?

If you’re the kind of person who loves spending some quality time in the kitchen, preparing great meals, baking cakes and cookies, creating recipes and using them, then you’ll be sure to have a good collection of labor saving appliances in there. This is because no matter how much you may enjoy getting on with stuff in the kitchen, there’s little point in making extra unnecessary work for yourself!

When Your Workspace is Limited

But when you are limited because the space you have to work in is only small, it takes some ingenuity and advanced planning to make sure you only have the best and smallest functional devices you can afford and that will fit into the space you have. That’s when it pays to plan for your needs and buy only those devices that are essential and that are perfectly proportioned to fit effortlessly into your available worktop space.

Believe it or not, I actually don’t have a particularly large kitchen and certainly not a great deal of work top space for the amount of food prep and cooking I do. But I’ve come to work to a kind of system that maximizes what I do have and I never seem to find myself short of free space.

A big part of that system is cleaning up as I go. I’ve watched plenty of cooks go about their business and make an almighty mess, while running out of space and getting all stressed over it for the simple reason they don’t clean up as they go!

It’s just much easier (at least for me) to place a bowl or a board or whatever in the sink and clean it up before moving onto the next thing. An before you ask, “No,” I do not use a dishwasher. I do things the old fashioned way and it’s never bothered me.

Choosing the Appliances to Use

The best way of going about choosing which to use is to only have those that you’re going to use most often and that perform the maximum labor saving workload for the minimum of space they will take up. That can sometimes mean being pretty brutal in deciding what to have and what to do without.

My own personal choices are my multi-task Kenwood mixer that I use almost daily (it sits proudly in its place on my work top and never gets put away). I also keep a powered hand blender to one side that comes in useful for quickly mixing low volume things like sauces and blitzing small amounts of vegetables to use in soups.

Alongside those is a small digital kitchen scale for weighing ingredients and without which I would be at a loss for getting portions right for certain recipes that I use. It really is quite amazing that no matter how often I may follow a certain recipe and use the same ingredients, I can never quite guess with any great accuracy how much I need of each ingredient without using that scale!

One other useful thing is a small toaster that can handle thick slices of bread as well as baguettes, bagels and buns for example. But as that’s not in use much of the time, it gets put away in the cupboard space below my main work top.

For me, that’s about all I do use since I do most of my chopping and slicing by hand. So you could say my most often used tool bar none is my trusty chef’s knife along with a big plastic chopping board!

The Way it Should Be

Most modern kitchens and their owners have their own collection of great kitchen appliances that they use regularly and often for a variety of tasks. Personally, I tend to use

I guess every person has their own favorites in their own kitchens and it all depends on what kind of thing you like to create. It just makes life so much easier not having to do some things by hand that an electrical appliance can do in a fraction of the time.

It is especially important when the working area is limited to keep the appliance quota to a minimum and only use the smallest and most useful of those so as not to clutter up the worktop.

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